Many people ask us what to do with their old calendars, and many people also tell us what they do with them, so we've decided to devote a section of our website to this topic. These are some of the more popular craft projects that our customers have sent in-- feel free to let us know if you also have any ideas for projects you'd like to share!

Boxes By far everyone's favorite project seems to be boxes.
Envelopes Another favorite project.
Paperweights We also sell the plain paperweights for this project.
Making Templates

Some of the projects described here include patterns for templates. To make one, first click on the small diagram to reach the page with the full size diagram. The best way to make a template is just to print it out from your printer on card stock. Depending on your printer settings, you may have to piece the template together from two sheets-- just use scotch tape. Then, if you printed on card stock just cut out the template. If you used regular paper simply glue to a stiff piece of paper (a manila envelope works well) and cut along the outside border. You can enlarge the template printout by changing your printer settings. If you don't know how, you can also change sizes with a xerox.

Place on top of a calendar sheet or notecard and trace around the template you've made. Cut along the outline. Then, using a metal straightedge, score from corner to corner (you can refer to the template's pink lines) lightly with a butter knife or another semi-sharp instrument, being careful not to accidentally cut the paper. Make all folds inwards towards the blank side. Don't worry, it probably took longer for you to read this than it will to actually do it!

Other ideas for OLD CALENDARS