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A. Square Envelope
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These are easy to make, and a pleasure to receive in the mail.

To make a template for an envelope, click on one of the template shapes below and print out the page. It's easiest to print on card stock. Depending on your printer settings, you may have to tape the template together from two sheets. Then, if you printed on card stock, just cut out the template. If you printed on regular paper, glue it to a stiffer paper (a manila envelope works well) before cutting it out. You can enlarge the template printout by changing your printer settings. If you don't know how, you can also change sizes on a copy machine. Place the template on top of a calendar sheet or notecard and trace around the edge. Cut. Then, using a straightedge, score from corner to corner (you can refer to the template's pink lines) lightly with a butter knife or another semi-sharp edge, being careful not to accidentally cut the paper. Make all folds inwards towards the blank side. Don't worry, it probably took longer for you to read this than it will to actually do it!

To use these envelopes, write your message directly on them or enclose a sheet of letter paper. They can be sealed with double faced tape, a clear wafer seal, the sticker of your choice, or sealing wax. Address them with labels, or write directly on the envelope. Make sure you leave a clear area around the stamp so the post office can postmark it.